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Post by Wannelly on Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:23 am

1 - Character Name: WannellyDADriX
2 - Class/lvl: OrcShaman 33 lvl (It will be WC)
3 - Age: 23
4 - Timezone and Country: gmt +2 LT
5 - How many hours do you play a day?: Depends, if clan active i can play, if no... not interested... 1p.m. till 12a.m.
6 - How long have you been playing L2 for?: Started at C3 so, it's about maybe 6,7 years....
7 - Can you speak and understand English?: Yes if i can write i can also speak =]
8 - Previous clans and servers you've been on?: BeyondC3-x3 WesTKnights, BFDr x5/Tartarus. Rpg-cub-x5/x7 Dont remmember clan.. EU global x1 - clan -EULegion.
9 - Why do you want to join up with the NoMercy?: I think maybe here is good and eng speaking international clan. Also i want some action in game not just solo playing. So i'm looking forward to play in yours clan waiting for answers.


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Re: Recruit

Post by DragMeToHell on Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:00 pm

Accepted...Ill pm u in game Smile


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